ISCW & Family Guy (Lethal Combo)

Hey there fellas! Now that I’ve finally decided to take my ISCW paper on coming Monday (8th February), I’m studying 10-12 hours daily (I’m on annual leave till 9th February). Whenever I get bored of indulging myself with all of this techie stuff, I grab a cup of coffee and watch Family Guy to unwind myself. I’ve finished two season in the past week and boy is it one hilarious show or what.

That is all for now. Better get back to my beloved ISCW. Looking forward to catch you guys as a 3/4th of a CCNP. 🙂



Learning Phase

I’ve been playing around with WordPress lately. Trying different things. Acquainting myself with all the cool widgets. Let’s hope all this effort results in something magical (read bling bling). 🙂

While I’m not busy befriending WordPress, I’m studying for my CCNP paper and finalizing my application for MBA at Lahore University of Management Sciences.

That is all for now. Catch you guys on the flip side.